Which way?

So with 14 stores literally all over the state of New Jersey, which way should you go?  If you are going to get to all of the participating shops, you may want to strategize a bit and map it out…..let us know what route you are considering, how many stores you hope to go to in a day, how long you are anticipating to stay in each shop…..let’s just say, we’re helping each other out!  We will be posting route suggestions as we get closer!

5 thoughts on “Which way?

  1. Just wondering if there will be a suggest route/map posted. Also, will the stores be having extended hours, or should we assume their standard hours are going to apply? Thanks!

    • We are going to check the routes to makes sure you all make it safely through the walk. 🙂 There are specific hours that all stores are going to be using. They are on the passport and will be posted on facebook and the website in the next day or two.

  2. Might be a silly question, but what if a store is normally open later than 6 on Friday. Will they continue to be open to their normal closing time?

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